Put your electronics in motion!

A motor driver shield for Arduino Uno, Mega and Duemilanove.

The Rotoshield uses the L293DNE (Quad Half H-bridge) which provides 0.6A per bridge (1.2A peak) with integrated thermal protection and kickback diodes. It can handle up to four DC motors from 4.5V to 20VDC. It can also control up to two stepper motors.

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Principal features :

  • 4 bi-color LED to indicate the direction of rotation for each motor.
  • I2C bus used to minimize digital output pin used.
  • Only 4 Arduino PWM outputs and the I2C bus are used. 
  • Easy programming thanks to the snootor Arduino library developed for this shield.
  • Pull down resistors disable the motors during startup of the board.
  • 2 screw terminals to simplify wiring to the motors;
  • 1 screw terminal dedicated to motor power supply.
  • ATX power supply header on the board. ATX 12VDC can be used for motor power by shorting dedicated solder jumper.
  • 8 additional 4-bit PWM outputs available.
  • Control sensors and outputs using the same shield.
  • Arduino reset button brought out to the shield.

Compatible with Arduino Uno, Uno CMS, Duemilanove and Mega.