IP68 Enclosure


IP68 Enclosure


Our bridge amplifier module has been designed so that it can be trimmed to fit within a Bulgin Buccaneer Ethernet cable joiner. Provided you use appropriate cable, this provides your amplifier with IP68 environmental protection as well as robust impact protection. The IP68 rating specifies that this enclosure is dust-tight and watertight against continuous immersion to a depth of at least one meter. 

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This kit comes with three cable glands shown that allow you to use it with cable from 3.5-8mm (0.137"-0.315") in diameter.


Instructions for Use

In order to install one of our bridge amplifier modules into this housing, follow these steps:

  • Trim the ends off the module
  • Remove the ethernet coupler from the housing kit.
  • Install desired connectors to the board. The provided connectors can be soldered to the underside, pointed inward, or customer-supplied connectors can be used. We recommend test-fitting the module & connectors in the housing before soldering.
  • Choose the correct cable gland for your cable. Slide the cable nut, cable gland, and housing half over each cable. 
  • Install the mating connectors (if any) on the cables.
  • Connect the mating connectors to the module and close up the halves of the housing and tighten them together.
  • Tighten the cable nuts to seal the cables in.