I2C PWM Driver


I2C PWM Driver


This board, based around the MAX7313 chip, provides 16  I2C-controlled I/O ports with PWM.

Each I/O port can be individually configured as either an open-drain current-sinking output rated at 50mA and 5.5V, or a logic input with transition detection and an interrupt option.

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The outputs are capable of driving LEDs, or providing logic outputs with external resistive pullup up to 5.5V.

8 bit PWM current drive is available on each I/O line. Four bits apply to all PWM outputs, while the other four allow individual control of each channel. 

On the board, footprints are provided for optional pullups.  Using smd jumper combinations, the board can be configured to any one of 64 I2C addresses.

Therefore, you can daisy chain up to 64 drivers on a single I2C line for a total of 16 x 64 = 1024 LEDs.