RGB LED Matrix r2

We've update our popular RGB LED Matrix driver with full color support, and we've reduce the price in the bargain! This backpack allows you to drive our 60mm RGB LED Matrix using just the I2C bus present on every Arduino. Not only does this save you the rats nest of wiring required to directly drive a matrix, this backpack has an internal driver that handles all of the multiplexing operations. That means you can just write the image you want and let this backpack do the rest. 




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60mm 8x8 RGB LED Matrix

This LED matrix is similar to the one used in our blinking lights project. Each column has a common anode, and each row has a common cathode for each color. You can also drive it with our I2C backpack as well.

These panels are made for making very large LED display walls. Therefore, they are designed to but up against one another seamlessly. The pins on the back are arranged in two rows of 0.1" header pins. 

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