Tutorials & Instruction

Get the skills you need.  

  • Sparkfun Tutorials -- Sparkfun's extensive library of tutorials. 
  • Lessons in Electric Circuits -- A series of open textbooks on circuit design
  • EEVBlog -- A series of videos about electronics by David L Jones, a hyper-enthusiastic Australian engineer. If you watch all the videos (some 550), you'll probably know more about circuit design than your average BSEE holder.


    Get the parts you need. 

    • Digikey -- Huge variety of electronic parts
    • Mouser -- Much like Digikey, with slightly better parametric search and more connectors.
    • McMaster-Carr -- Enormous variety of industrial tools, materials, and parts. Friendly, helpful staff, and ridiculously huge selection. Their website is still the best e-commerce website I've ever used.
    • Zephtronics -- Supplier of solder paste adapted for bench rather than production work and a variety of soldering equipment. Makes soldering even the smallest SMD parts easy.
    • Small Parts -- All sorts of useful mechanical parts and supplies.
    • Sparkfun -- All sorts of electronics kits, tools, parts, and gizmos. They 're also one of our distributors.

    Ideas & Inspiration

      Sites with ideas and stories to inspire you and keep you moving. 


      Places to go for help or to show off your work.

      •  Arduino Forum -- The house forum for Arduino development boards.
      • AVR Freaks -- The premier website for users of AVR microcontrollers, such as those that power the Arduino.