The Arduino platform provides a flexible, easy to use, and inexpensive open source prototyping platform. Logos's line of Arduino shields provide functions not widely available in other shields on the market in order to speed your path from concept to success.

4x4 Driver Shield

The 4x4 Driver Shield is designed to enable users to switch DC loads up to 5A at up to 30V with no heat-sinking. It is ideal for such applications as driving solenoids, relays, and small DC motors. It uses in the International Rectifier IPS6044 quad channel fully-protected high side MOSFET switches, which includes over-temp, over-current, and under-voltage protection on each switch. The high-side topology is safer in many applications than the more common low-side topology because a short to ground cannot energize the circuit while the switch is turned off, as it can with a low-side switch. This shield can also be used to drive four unipolar stepper motors.

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Put your electronics in motion!

A motor driver shield for Arduino Uno, Mega and Duemilanove.

The Rotoshield uses the L293DNE (Quad Half H-bridge) which provides 0.6A per bridge (1.2A peak) with integrated thermal protection and kickback diodes. It can handle up to four DC motors from 4.5V to 20VDC. It can also control up to two stepper motors.

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Memoire Shield

SD log shield for Arduino with RTC and a prototyping area.

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